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Please bring your MUSCLES for big things and BOXES for your small things ~ NEW PICKUP POLICY: Items to be picked up in 7 days, AUTOMATIC relist on the 13th day ~ NO exceptions. NO phone payments, all items are to be picked up in a timely manner. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PICK UP YOUR ITEMS!!!!!! Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 12:00 PM. You have 4 hours and 13 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Standing Pine Shelf Unit$0$23juljul33335
2 Petite Metal Baker's Rack$0$8notmyfault5
3 Vintage Ice Cream Maker and Staved Barrel$0$5trace813
4 Antique Clock with Flower Decoration$0$1655belair2
5 Large Cut Crystal Vase$0$6westwing4
6 Zodiac Coins in Individual Cases$0$4shawn3
7 Mixed Lot of Commemorative Coins, Medals, and Tokens$0$14Rebecca16
8 Three Commemorative Coins$0$7Rebecca14
9 Vintage Artifacts - Armadillo Basket, Turtle Shell, Tree Fungus, and Seed Pod$0$11randypandy4
10 Two New York World's Fair Commemorative Coins $0$4shawn3
11 Czech Cut and Colored Glass Vase$0$6hijack4
12 Vintage Cast Iron Nutcracker/Bottle Cap Remover Sargent Co$0$1gessr391
13 Presidential Ephemera and Bank$0$11hockey09095
14 Older Newspapers 1963 -1981$0$0No Bids0
15 Cello Hot Water Bottle patent 1912$0$4Rebecca12
16 Lot of Smaller Older Glass Bottles$0$9zenafrog5
17 Metal Lot - Copper Ewer, Sad Iron Lamp, and other decorative metal$0$5trace812
18 Huge Tray Lot of Buttons and Trims$0$23outbidme9
19 Ali vs Spinks Framed Ad From the Boston Globe Sept. 15,1976$0$4KPrinn4
20 Never Used American Standard Lavatory Sink$0$4jubilee3
21 Orion VHS Player & Elvis VHS Tapes$0$6playitloud2
22 Rooster Decoration Lot$0$4Katahdid2
23 Cast Iron Bucket with Ladle$0$12halinajay5
24 JFK Photos and Memorabilia$0$6hockey09092
25 8" JFK Bust$0$6hockey09092
26 Antique Ice Tongs, Hay Bale Hook, Hacksaw, and more$0$11trace815
27 Medicine Cabinet with Round Mirror - New in Box$0$26KellyT6
28 Red "Dot" 18" Vinyl Floor Tile - Achim Masterpiece collection$0$1LizR10282
29 Two Vintage Washboards$0$13asureshot6
30 Mostly Used Bottles of Cologne$0$15nannabug7
31 Hand-made Wooden Medicine Cabinet$0$7trace814
32 Homelite Gas Leaf Blower$0$6emmeffsee2
33 Beta, Beta, Beta - 2 Players and 33 Tapes$0$0No Bids0
34 Old Postcards$0$8blue274
35 Older Paper Cutter with 13" Blade$0$6bubbabarb132
36 Leominster Home Beverage Wooden Crate$0$21Patriots201411
37 Two President Trivia Games$0$1hockey09091
38 4 Vintage Albums for Collecting Stamps$0$12kedwarda8
39 Decorative Brass and Crystal Scale$0$18bigdan7
40 Four Old Wall-mount Lantern-Style Sconces$0$1Domi11
41 Thick and Heavy Aluminum Pan and Ladle.$0$4kedwarda4
42 Brass Colored Mare and Foal Wall Plaque$0$8KPrinn6
43 Steelmaster Filing Drawers$0$20gogojuice3
44 19 Pewter Tankards$0$5Billyddd43
45 Gorgeous Blu-ish Green Murano Glass Bowl$0$11notmyfault8
46 Very Old Motorized Meat Grinder$0$11krdII6
47 Four Mid-Century Flush-mount Ceiling Fixtures$0$2notmyfault2
48 Brass Oil Pitchers, Vase, and Tankard$0$1Harriet1
49 38" Diameter Brass Tray$0$6kedwarda3
50 Two Large, Fancy Cut Glass and Brass Pedestal Candy Bowls$0$3kedwarda3
51 Brand New Out of the Box Black Metal Side Table with Glass Top$0$12tlavalley4
52 11 Pewter Tankers - 2 have Hinged Lids$0$4Billyddd43
53 Older Assortment of Stamps and Stamp Collecting Catalogue$0$6kedwarda5
54 Silly Pins and Magnets$0$9KBWolski7
55 3 Kennedy Tapestries - RFK and JFK$0$5hockey09092
56 Over 30 Pounds of Crystal Chandelier Drops$0$134cousy113
57 Large Laminated Wall Map of North Central Massachusetts$0$7kimmisue4
58 "Old Salt" Painted Plaster Table Lamp$0$1milesst1
59 Small Drawer Parts Cabinets Filled with Vintage Stamps!$0$21biggussar8
60 Used and New Circular or Table Saw Blades and Grinding Discs $0$1rick19581
61 Two Contemporary Black Windsor-Style Side Chairs$0$11suehpa3
62 Four Boxes of Christmas Village Buildings, Lights, and Accessories$0$3gessr392
63 Older Hand-made Pottery$0$7trace812
64 Three Mens Leather Jackets$0$13Casino4
65 5 Gallon Wet-Dry Shop Vac$0$2wicked13
66 'Warmrails' Heated Chrome Towel Rack$0$2Ellieckay2
67 Four Old Glass Bottles$0$9bears604
68 2 VHS Players, Rewinder, Tapes$0$6thebigpup3
69 Metal Mail Box$0$2porkchop2122
70 Various Town of Sterling Reports$0$1kedwarda1
71 A Roll of Landscape Cloth and a Roll of Auto Replacement Carpet.$0$3sunshine622
72 Older Hand Tools, Level, and Hard Hat$0$6aneweglander4
73 Two Old Television Manuals from 1950$0$1blackbird1
74 Yard Tools$0$7Scraper4
75 Household Electric Accessories Lot$0$4notmyfault3
76 Vintage Hand-Tied Quilt$0$11corkymum26
77 3 Plastic Water Diverters$0$2kedwarda2
78 Cast Iron Grooved Flywheel from an old Sewing Machine$0$5Casino3
79 Two Ceramic Boudoir Lamps$0$1antiques1
80 8 Junior Commercial Pilot Wings$0$7bigdan2
81 Hand-Carved Wooden Desk Accessory$0$4leadsled2
82 Tiny Hand-Painted Country Cupboard$0$1kedwarda1
83 Hand Crocheted Lace Tablecloth$0$12Javantrece4
84 Two Angels and Two Clear Paperweights$0$1omerinemarie1
85 Byers Choice Snowlady$0$2bogie543212
86 Home-made Pine Book Shelf$0$12jbelle5
87 'Head Shop' Lot$0$31Kimnkeith20113
88 Three Old Wooden Crates$0$14ellemae4
89 Three Submersible Pumps and Extra Hose$0$30rehanks11
90 Fabulous Hollow Head Planter$0$30Harriet15
91 California King Cotton Flannel Sheet Set$0$6omerinemarie2
92 Dr Scholl's Foot Spa with Heat and Massage$0$2rehanks2
93 Raggedy Ann and Andy - Musical Wind-up$0$13hberry2755
94 Picnic Time! Coolers and Grilling Tools$0$2wicked12
95 Gas Powered Weed Eater BV1850 Super Blower Vac $0$4dooglaaone2
96 8 Beautiful Ladies Fans$0$3omerinemarie2
97 Finishing Tools and Electric Drill$0$8notmyfault4
98 Lightweight Bagless Vacuum$0$8rick19586
99 Bernzomatic and Hand Tools$0$7redneckmb4
100 Dirt Devil Upright$0$2ABARRY2
101 Byers Choice Caroler and Accessories$0$9bogie543213
102 Two Nantucket-style Baskets with Handles$0$3nannabug2
103 Two Metal Spaniels Sculpture$0$13timewarp4
104 6 Avon Decorative Plates in Their Boxes With Documents$0$1max221
105 Two VHS Players and 44 'Lost in Space' Tapes!$0$5clipper2
106 Two Useful and Pretty Pink Calico Boxes$0$1tlavalley1
107 'Progressive' Apple Peeler$0$2asureshot2
108 Brass Lot - 9 Bells, Two Incense Burners and a Statue$0$2zelspal152
109 Trophy Bass Mounted on Wood$0$2pippi2
110 Two Jim Beam Bottles and a Grolsch Beer Bottle$0$1kedwarda1
111 Very Old Lantern With Wide Ring Handle$0$10hyhopes9
112 7 Mugs/Steins and a Stangl Urn-shaped Vase$0$1kedwarda1
113 6 Bottles of Cologne and a Spray$0$11zebbie4
114 8 Pieces of Pottery including a McCoy Planter$0$2Kimnkeith2012
115 Several Sets of 'Art Nouveau 20 Beautiful Postcards'$0$12trace815
116 3 Remington Electric Shavers in Cases$0$1abrnro1
117 Sears Craftsman Retractable Worklight$0$6woogie2
118 4 Depression Era Glass Pieces$0$4vintagecrick2
119 The Ultimate Squeeze Juice Extractor$0$2Ellieckay2
120 10 + 1 New Anchor Hocking Clear Hurricane Lamp Chimneys$0$9randypandy3
121 Heathkit Utility Solid State Voltmeter$0$8Billyddd45
122 Four Huge Steins +$0$1boxermom1
123 Decorative Brass Lot - Skinny Candlesticks, Animals, Ashtrays, and more$0$14kidsNomoney1
124 5 Obscure Games in Boxes$0$2bubbabarb132
125 Pewter Sugar Bowls, Creamers, Candlesticks, and more$0$7juljul33334
126 Heavy Stainless Cookware and Enamelled Induction Pans$0$11gessr396
127 Mixed Lot of Stainless and Aluminum Cookware$0$4notmyfault3
128 Brass Animals$0$1lucky1
129 Brass Vases, Cups, Footed Bowl$0$1omerinemarie1
130 Golf Clubs in Wheeled Cart with Hood- Full Set PGA Professional $0$7RAJU17525
131 Cator 2-way Communicator Radio Headsets for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATVs$0$27Scraper11
132 Old Glass Bottles - Coke, Clorox, Caster Oil$0$3zenafrog3
133 Black & Decker Hedgehog Trimmer and Paramount Model 600 Vac-N-Sac$0$0No Bids0
134 Gone With the Wind and Survivor 1st season$0$1hockey09091
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