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Live Auction Friday Night April 17th 7.00 PM here at Parkhill Auctions. Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM. You have 5 days, 14 hours and 53 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Hermle Black Forest Grandfather Clock ~ WORKS! ~$0$21timespast575
2 Serpentine Front Vintage Double Dresser with Mirror and Original Brass Hardware ~$0$1palms1
3 Young Hinkle Dark Finish Hutch ~$0$0No Bids0
4 Vintage Chest of Drawers with Raised Rail Along Back of Top ~$0$11zelspal153
5 Solid Maple Dining Table with Butcherblock Top and 6 Chairs ~$0$21Irishrover4
6 Stunning Shannon Lead Crystal Footed Punch Bowl ~ Made in Ireland ~$0$13KellyT4
7 Antique Mahogany Display Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves and Key for Locking ~$0$0No Bids0
8 Solid Maple Loveseat Frame with Multi Colored Cushions ~$0$1novice18321
9 Antique 2 Up, 2 Down Dresser on Casters ~$0$1palms1
10 Solid Maple Dining Bench in Blonde Finish ~$0$1SunflowerX321
11 Dark Mahogany Wall Mirror with Raised Rails Along the Frame ~$0$0No Bids0
12 3 Legged Mahogany Table with Brass Tip Claw Feet ~$0$6ellemae2
13 Heavyweight Solid Wood Mirror with Scalloped Top ~$0$0No Bids0
14 Wicker Loveseat with Cushions in Natural Coloring ~$0$6Irishrover3
15 JoFran Solid Oak End Tables with Drop Down Sides ~$0$1jcfenny1
16 JoFran Solid Oak Coffee Table with 4 Drawers ~$0$6fitchwitch4
17 HUGE Porcelain, Glass and Pottery Assortment, Take What You Want, Leave What You Don’t ~$0$1impatiens1
18 Wood Box with Double Latches ~$0$3thisoldabode2
19 RCA 13" VCR/TV Combo ~ Orion VCR Player ~$0$1eaglecraft1
20 Large Green Painted Plaster Elephant Planter ~$0$1Harriet1
21 Pair of Tool Boxes ~ Some Tools Included ~$0$2wess4602
22 Vintage Christmas Ornaments ~$0$7wiley2
23 Large Gray Tool Box with Drill Bits ~$0$16rick19587
24 Extra Large Columbian Vise C 44 with Bolt Holes for Securing ~ Smaller Table Vise with Tabletop Clamp ~$0$14asureshot4
25 Disney's Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs ~$0$5Lucas2
26 Dell Pentium 4 Computer Tower ~ 17" Flat Screen Monitor ~ Keyboard and Speaker ~$0$22sbdiane8
27 1938 Erector Set in Case with Motor, Parts and Booklet ~$0$12jcfenny4
28 Playstation Consoles, Cords and Controllers ~$0$5Lucas2
29 Brand New Never Displayed Paradise Galleries Treasury Collection Porcelain Dolls, 3 in All ~ New in Boxes ~$0$0No Bids0
30 Brand New Never Displayed Paradise Galleries Treasury Collection Porcelain Dolls, 4 in All ~ New in Boxes ~$0$0No Bids0
31 Halloween Decorations ~$0$1eaglecraft1
32 Canton Rose Design on 2 Ginger Jars, New in Decorative Box ~ Yi Lin Arts & Treasures of China ~$0$1BellasMem1
33 Rambo Action Figure ~ Fuma Kotaro McFarlane Toys Adult Collectible Figure ~ Tales from the Crypt Figures: The Cryptkeep and the Frankenstein ~ $0$1eaglecraft1
34 Video Game Superstars Resident Evil Figures ~ Set of 3 ~$0$1Lucas1
35 Bamboo Wall Mirror ~ Wood Arrowhead Laquered Picture of Wolf, Deer, Bear and Eagle ~ Kid Kore 1994 Native American Warrior 11" Action Figure ~$0$0No Bids0
36 Goro VS Johnny Cage ~ Spawn the Dark Ages ~ Techno Spawn Iron Express ~ New Old Stock ~$0$0No Bids0
37 Cryptkeeper ~ Techni Muyo ~ Saiga Magoichi & Yagyu Jubel (McFarlane Toys) Adult Collectibles ~$0$1eaglecraft1
38 1998 McFarlane Toys Spawn Vinyl Figure with Cape ~ 1998 Star Wars Episode I Opee & Qui-Gon Jinn ~$0$1eaglecraft1
39 Movie Maniacs 2 McFarlane Toys Pumpkinhead, Resident Evil Mutant ~ Jester from the Puppet Master Series ~$0$1Lucas1
40 Neo (Thomas Anderson) & Morpheus from the Matrix Film ~ Radu from Subspecies Movie ~ Jester from the Puppet Master Series ~ All New in Packages ~$0$6bigdan2
41 Movie Maniacs 3 McFarlane Toys "Edward Scissorhands" ~ New Old Stock ~$0$0No Bids0
42 Hasbro Signature Series Alien Resurrection Newborn Alien Figures ~ New Old Stock ~$0$6eaglecraft3
43 Wood and Steel Vintage Hand Truck ~$0$1gessr391
44 Bissell Featherweight Bagless Electric Broom ~$0$0No Bids0
45 "The Dreamer" Exquisite Porcelain Doll by Kay McKee ~$0$2mzgunit702
46 Brand New Swan Garden Hose (85ft.) ~ Melnor Front Trigger 7 Way Spray Head Aqua Gun ~ Pair of Hose Adapters ~$0$11cousy12
47 3 1/18 Scale Model Cars with 7 Smaller Diecast Vintage Cars ~$0$0No Bids0
48 1:12 Scale White "Wicker" Style Dollhouse Furniture ~$0$0No Bids0
49 Aliens, Witches, Action Figures and a View Master ~$0$11eaglecraft3
50 4 Music CD Collections ~ Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Lou Reed and Donovan ~$0$11dbgood19572
51 1:18, 1:24 and 1:32 Scale Cars ~ 2 BMWs ~ Dodge Viper ~ Green VW Beetle ~$0$2Geneo2
52 Todd McFarlane's Spawn Action Figure ~ Comes with Original Box ~$0$1eaglecraft1
53 3 Foot Tall Barbie Doll ~$0$0No Bids0
54 Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain Greeting Card Doll Collection by Knickerbocker ~ 6 in All ~$0$9mzgunit703
55 Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Hubert Herr Solid Wood Hand Carved ~$0$21hookah497
56 Resident Evil Vinyl Statue Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3 "Nemesis" ~ New in Box ~$0$15bigdan4
57 Resident Evil 3 "Nemesis" Vynil Statue, 14" tall, New in Package ~$0$16bigdan4
58 Fantastic Hull Pitcher in Green ~$0$7nanaleoni4
59 Authentic Bull Horns and Hoof Wrapped In Corduroy for Display ~$0$11The2DCs5
60 Jewelry Box Assortment ~ 9 in All ~$0$0No Bids0
61 Betty Jane Carter Dolls Goebel Original Limited Edition Porcelain Doll by Bette Ball and in Original Box ~$0$1gessr391
62 Glitter Hair Barbie ~ Jamaican Barbie ~ Native American Barbie ~ Nigerian Barbie ~ Hollywood Hair Deluxe Playset Barbie ~ 1990s All New in Packages ~$0$6pjames3
63 Aiwa CA-DW530 Portable Stereo Unit with Removable Speakers ~$0$5pike693
64 5 Hardcover Cookbooks ~$0$1SunflowerX321
65 Pokemon Board Game ~ VHS Tapes ~ Playset ~ Figurines ~$0$5Lucas2
66 1989 Holiday Special Edition Barbie ~ Moonlight Magic Barbie ~ Radient in Red Barbie ~ Pilgrim Barbie ~ Pioneer Barbie ~ 4 in All ~$0$8plclev3
67 Chrome Step Stool with Rubber Mat on Top ~$0$4Irishrover2
68 Hallmark Special Edition Barbie ~ Disney's Mary Poppins Doll ~ Holiday Barbie in Green Dress ~ Little Debbie Barbie ~$0$6eaglecraft3
69 Astronaut Barbie ~ Star Trek Barbie & Ken ~ Special Edition Russell Stover Candies Barbie ~$0$7plclev4
70 Goebel Betty Jane Carter Doll "Juliette" 24" with Stand ~Brinn's Holiday Porcelain Doll, NIB ~ Bradley's Collectible Curly Haired Doll with Stand ~$0$2mzgunit702
71 8 Porcelain Display Dolls ~$0$2mzgunit702
72 Retro Wicker Doll Chair and Loveseat ~$0$1thisoldabode1
73 Original Jessie Collection 24" Doll Germany Style with Tag (missing slipper) ~ 2 Baby Dolls ~ Precious Moments Winter Doll ~ Angel Dolls ~$0$0No Bids0
74 6 Porcelain Dolls, One with Carriage ~$0$2mzgunit702
75 Over 100 VHS Movie Tapes ~$0$7eaglecraft3
76 Mersman Mid Century Modern End Table ~$0$0No Bids0
77 San Francisco Music Box Co. Carousel ~$0$1pjames1
78 Brass Vanity with Stool ~$0$1BarbaraK1
79 The Hamilton Collection of Collectible Plates ~$0$0No Bids0
80 Lefton China Turkey Platter ~$0$1omerinemarie1
81 Winged Devilman Figure, Glows in the Dark ~ Epoch 1/10 Scale Tekken 3 Figures: Devil Jin and True Ogre ~$0$3Lucas2
82 Oster Rice Cooker/Steamer Sealed in Box ~$0$7sevigs3
83 Cobalt Porcelain Vase ~ Small Ginger Jar ~ Assorted Trinket Boxes ~$0$1omerinemarie1
84 12 Barbie Comic Books by Marvel, 1990s ~$0$1debbacakes1
85 Dog & Cat Figurine Collection ~$0$0No Bids0
86 Betty Spaghetty Doll Set "Making the Scene" with Betty, Zoe and Hannah Dolls in Package ~ Single Betty Doll ~$0$2plclev2
87 McCoy USA Cookie Jar in Coffee Grinder Style ~$0$1wiley1
88 Sweet Assortment of Porcelain and Other Figurines ~ Looney Tunes, Carousel Horses and Others ~$0$1omerinemarie1
89 The Wizard of Oz Official Teddy Bear Collection, Turner Entertainment Co © 2000 ~ Set of 5 ~$0$1SunflowerX321
90 Beatles Albums and 4 Plastic Photo Prints of the Band ~$0$11dbgood19574
91 WHOA! Huge Herd of 32 Play Horses ~ Assorted Sizes ~$0$11wiley4
92 Corner Pine Wood Shelf Unit ~$0$1nanaleoni1
93 1993 Warner Brothers Daffy Duck and Tazmanian Devil Cookie Jars ~ Country Cat and Cottage Cookie Jars ~ 4 in All ~$0$0No Bids0
94 Costume Jewelry Collection ~$0$1eaglecraft1
95 Decorative Carved Oriental Scenes in Wood Display Cases ~$0$1Harriet1
96 Vintage Ansonia Walnut Wood Mantle Clock ~ Black Painted Mantle Clock R Powell ~$0$2GMRGOOSE562
97 Bell & Howell XL Autoload 2220 with Case ~ Swift Saratoga 8x40 Binoculars with Leather Case and Strap ~$0$1jcfenny1
98 Plastic Toy Collection of People and Animals ~$0$1Irishrover1
99 Toshiba VCR and a Sanyo DVD Player with Remote ~$0$3clipper2
100 Beautiful Asian Porcelain Doll Assortment ~ 6 in All ~$0$1mzgunit701
101 Tyco Nite-Glow Empire 1000 Electric Racing Set HO Scale ~$0$1shopping1
102 Jason Constellation 280 Telescope with tripod ~$0$6cousy14
103 Mexican Child Doll ~$0$1bourque1
104 Wild Ways pterodactyl Kites, New in Boxes ~$0$5Geneo3
105 Antique Wood Vise ~$0$1eaglecraft1
106 Fantastic Music CD Collection, Some Still Sealed ~ Over 130!!$0$36dbgood19576
107 McFarlane Toys Sleepy Hollow Set, The Headless Horseman with Horse and Tree ~ New in Package ~$0$5eaglecraft3
108 Polaroid and Vintage Kodak Juunior Cameras ~$0$7jcfenny6
109 Mei Lin 24" Porcelain Doll and Snow Drop 16" Porcelain Doll ~ $0$1BellasMem1
110 10" Jade Green Porcelain Vase by Yi Lin Arts & Treasures of China in Beautiful Red & Gold Fabric Box ~$0$2bourque2
111 Diane Von Furstenberg Spa Gift Set ~$0$1BellasMem1
112 Heart Shaped 3 Tier Table ~$0$1omerinemarie1
113 Vintage Childs Wood Rocking Chair ~$0$0No Bids0
114 HUGE Collection of Barbie and Other Doll Clothes ~$0$1sdionne1
115 31 Barbie Doll Assortment ~ Barbie and Others ~$0$1sdionne1
116 Brand New Sealed EZ Sort 18 big Drawer Storage Cabinet ~$0$10strudeau785
117 Bette Doll, Almost 3 Feet Tall with Wicker Chair ~$0$2mzgunit702
118 3 Porcelain Dolls Over 2 Feet Tall with Wicker Chair ~$0$2mzgunit702
119 BRAND NEW Life-Like Train Set with 2 Locomotives, Cars, Tracks, Landscape, Buildings and Accessories ~ Comes with Bonus Farm Country Farm Set ~$0$7Geneo3
120 Resin Animal Assortment ~ Sea Life, Wild Life and More ~$0$1summerspecia1
121 Breyer Traditional Model Horses ~ No. 435 Secretariat and No. 47 Man O' War ~$0$1dbgood19571
122 Resin Dinosaur Figures ~ 9 in All ~$0$1summerspecia1
123 Pair of 1000 Islands and Bermuda Blue Stein Mugs and 2 Small Pottery Pitchers ~$0$0No Bids0
124 Toastmaster Food Slicer ~$0$10saabvolvo4
125 Radio Shack French Style Cutie Rotary Telephone with Brass Trimmed Mirror Tray ~$0$1dbgood19571
126 Capodimonte Large Bouquet Centerpiece ~ Made in italy ~$0$1omerinemarie1
127 Newspapers on the Death of Roosevelt and Truman Being Sworn in ~$0$3tootsdolly2
128 Northwest Pressed Tin Airplane with 4 Propellers ~$0$8Casino4
129 Pair of Breyer Traditional Horse Models ~ 897 Ponokah-Eemtah The Blackfeet Indian Horse ~$0$1dbgood19571
130 5 Breyer Model Horses in Assorted Sizes ~$0$1dbgood19571
131 Childs Webbed Aluminum Lawn Chair ~$0$1Irishrover1
132 Porcelain Dolls in Holiday Outfits with a Wagon Full of Apples ~$0$3mzgunit702
133 Disney Porcelain Figurines, Pins, Mini Book & Token ~$0$1Lucas1
134 R.U.C. International 2 Piece Tool Chest ~$0$23Medic4
135 Epson Color Printer C88 New in Box ~$0$1eaglecraft1
136 Doll Display Bench, Vanity and Rocking Chair ~$0$3mzgunit702
137 Gold's Gym Hand Weights with Stand ~$0$0No Bids0
138 Reed & Barton Select Stainless Steel Flatware ~$0$1BellasMem1
139 Bamboo Tricycle Display with 20" Porcelain Doll ~$0$0No Bids0
140 #137 467 Wolf and Eagle Picture on Tree Trunk Slice ~$0$1holly07081
141 Great American Fun Corp Furry String Puppets, Pink and White ~ bozart Daniel Oates 1997 Signed Rubber Dragon String Puppet ~$0$1holly07081
142 Wicker Woven Top Plant Stand ~$0$4plclev2
143 Child Size Loveseat and Chair ~ 18" Doll Size Wicker Chairs ~$0$4Irishrover2
144 American Flyer and Marx Trains and Accessories ~$0$18bigdan4
145 Igloo Wheelie Cool 38 Quart Cooler ~$0$11BellasMem3
146 Framed 1893 JC Ferris Period Print in Antique Frame with Wood Backing ~$0$6mikey3
147 Antique Reverse Glass Church Painting in Oval Frame ~ "Christmas Eve" ~$0$8asureshot3
148 Cockatoo & Small Cardinal Bird Figurines ~ Bluebird and Cardinal Musical Figurines ~$0$1rick19581
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