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Thank you for bidding, all items to be picked up within 7 days of winning ~ NO EXCEPTIONS ~ Always PREVIEW!!! BRING your own MUSCLE for heavy items, help not available ~ Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 12:00 PM. You have 2 days, 20 hours and 55 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Magnificent Vanguard Wire Adjustable Full Size Base Bed With Posturepedic Full Size Mattress ~ Retails For $1700 ~ Barely Used, Like New Bed and Mattress$0$104Gypsythreads5
2 Stunning Col. Brown Hard Rock Maple Lightweight Buffet $0$6reflections3
3 Gorgeous Dining Room Table With Four Matching Chairs$0$61blakebug9
4 Set of 8 Solid Maple Chairs in Ebony Finish by the Jasper Chair Co. ~ Restaurant Style Chairs ~$0$6lmadison2374
5 Mahogany Finish 8 Drawer Dresser, 6 Up, 2 Down ~$0$6Kimnkeith2015
6 Matching Pair of Rolling Entertainment Centers $0$1Kimnkeith2011
7 Two Beautiful Side Tables$0$21KBWolski8
8 Whirlpool White Refrigerator/Freezer$0$1chirp1
9 Long Hallway Entrance Table $0$6Lilmitzi5
10 Pretty Solid Wood End Table$0$6christine5652
11 Lovely Heavy Duty Tile Top Coffee and End Table$0$0No Bids0
12 Matching Bureau and Dresser~ Pineapple Design Handles?$0$11Gypsythreads3
13 Brand New Quartz Mantle Clock ~ Vintage General Electric Clock$0$9Lilmitzi7
14 Industrial Storage Rolling Cart$0$12kedwarda3
15 Beautiful Full Size Wood Bed Frame$0$1chirp1
16 Dr. McGillicuddy's Imported Mentholmint Schnapps Dartboard and Case ~ Brand New $0$22kathy6910
17 Vintage John F Kennedy Lot ~ Puzzle~ Life Magazines~ Local Papers $0$2hockey09092
18 Under Armour Brandon Marshall Large Store Vinyl Poster $0$0No Bids0
19 Vintage Insulator Lot $0$5mew6733
20 Awesome Game Lot~ Apples to Apples ~ 5 in 1 Classic Set~ Simpson Figure ~ Harry Potter Collector's Cards and More$0$5Mglcollector3
21 Vintage Coca-Cola Green Tinted Glass Bottles, Coasters, Magnet and Wallet$0$1murdock1
22 Huge Vintage Star Wars Lot ~ Collectible Figures ~ Older Star Wars Characters~ Princess Leia Bookmark ~ Yoda ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi$0$60Gypsythreads9
23 Vintage Beer and Beer Glasses Lot ~ Fyfe & Drum Beer ~ Dominoes ~ Vat 69$0$1gessr391
24 Assorted Button Lot With Small Wicker Basket $0$1bogie543211
25 Vintage Disney Lot~ Donald Duck Pull Toy~ Mickey Salt and Pepper Shakers ~ Cinderella's Castle Poster and More$0$7trace815
26 Drink Grape- Ola Tin Sign$0$5printmakor3
27 Ruby Red Glass Assortment $0$3Mglcollector2
28 Vintage Safe Guard Instant Check Writer Machine$0$1Lilmitzi1
29 Michael Jordan Lot ~ The Highland Mint Collector's Coin~ Collector Lunchbox With Cards$0$13Mglcollector7
30 Disney's Tiny Kingdom Collectible Characters ~ 101 Dalmatians ~ The Jungle Book$0$8trace815
31 Fascinating Geode Rock Lot ~ Pretty Colors$0$9Lynnkdog5
32 Interesting Assorted Rock Lot ~ Polished Rocks ~ Geodes and More$0$6Bruinsfan204
33 Amazing Collector's Rocks and Geodes ~ Calcite ~ Azurite ~ Crystals$0$12bears608
34 Unique Boston and Maine Railroad 1955 Stock With Collector Receipts From 1800's $0$6audino4
35 Sentry Safe Keep Safe With Key$0$11kedwarda4
36 Brandi Carlile Autograph Vinyl Record With Full Book of Vinyl Records $0$10Mitmek6
37 Intricate Niagara Falls Framed Painting $0$3Rita703
38 Cast Iron Titanic Door Stop $0$10strudeau787
39 Two Vintage Drunk Guy Beer Openers$0$9asureshot3
40 Large Lego Assortment Lot $0$8Gypsythreads3
41 RS Medical Stimulator Machine ~ Electrotherapy $0$21sthp206
42 New Alpine Car Speakers, Car Stereo, and Installation Kit$0$16Bruinsfan2010
43 Three Brand New Sports Variant Figures ~ Gordie Howe~ Steve McNair ~ Mark McGuire $0$1Mglcollector1
44 Lot of Three Vintage Electrolux Rug Washers $0$6jcorbett19902
45 Wooden Step Stool and Storage Seat $0$3aimief2
46 Remington 14" Limb N' Trim Chainsaw$0$8Fubar5
47 Huge Blu-Ray and DVD Lot~ Star Trek Into Darkness ~ Heroes Seasons~ Jackie Chan Collection ~ Olympus Has Fallen$0$11Bruinsfan206
48 Beach and Lake Signs ~ Thermometer ~ Most Signs Are New $0$10exlina2
49 Boston Bruins Autographed Brad Marchand Framed T-Shirt$0$18kathy695
50 Large Beer Glass Lot ~ Blue Moon ~ Miller Lite Mug ~ Woodchuck Hard Cider and More $0$3trace812
51 Vintage Linen Lot ~ Table Cloths ~ Towels ~ Dollies and More$0$6bourque3
52 Religious Lot $0$1Gypsythreads1
53 Assorted Vase Lot $0$1trace811
54 Country Decor Lot $0$1Mitmek1
55 Beautiful Driftwood Mirror $0$8summerspecia3
56 Bass Ale Round Lighted Sign$0$11audino6
57 Iconic Bud Ice Hanson Brothers Collector's Posters $0$10bigdan5
58 Miller Genuine Draft Decorative Bank Bottle$0$8sunshine627
59 Deer Hunter Wooden Sign$0$1skier1
60 Dundee Ales and Lagers LED SIgn$0$2joe992
61 Jim Beam LED Sign$0$11Gypsythreads4
62 Brilliant Uncirculated Old Lincoln Cent ~ 8 Total $0$6Rebecca12
63 Brilliant Uncirculated Old Wheat Cent $0$5Rebecca13
64 Lot of Foreign Coins ~ 8 Total$0$6Rebecca12
65 V-Nickel ~ 4 Total$0$8Rebecca14
66 25 Different Mint Commemorative United States Stamps ~ $0$3hockey09093
67 RARE Silver 1906 Barber Dime $0$8burning6666
68 1909 VBD Lincoln Head Cent$0$7Mglcollector5
69 Civil War (1861-1865) Indian Head Cent $0$4Mglcollector3
70 United States Eisenhower Dollar 1971-1978$0$6Rebecca14
71 2000 Republic of Liberia Millennium $10 Coin$0$3kedwarda2
72 Mint Error Cent Planchet $0$4Kmynt4
73 1883 "No Cents" Liberty Nickel $0$3Mglcollector3
74 Old Mexican Silver Dollar ~ Minted From Silver$0$3Mglcollector3
75 1974 Bicentennial First Day Cover $0$4sunshine622
76 Celebrate the Century 1950-1959 Drive-In Movies ~ First Day of Issue$0$2sunshine622
77 United States Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set 2005$0$5Mglcollector4
78 RARE 1923 Mercury Dime $0$4Kmynt4
79 RARE Two Cent Piece 1867$0$9burning6664
80 RARE 1834 Large Cent$0$9burning6663
81 RARE 1867 Shield Nickel$0$9Kmynt4
82 1970 Uncirculated Mint Coins $0$5chuckleenutz3
83 Westward Journey Nickel Series $0$6Mglcollector3
84 2009 Lincoln Cent Set of 8$0$4Mglcollector3
85 Proof Set of Coins$0$3Mglcollector2
86 8 Brilliant Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes $0$4Mglcollector2
87 US Treasury Commemorative Medallion ~ 8 Total$0$2Mglcollector2
88 Indian Head Cent ~ 6 Total$0$12Mglcollector4
89 Steel War Penny ~ 12 Total$0$9Rebecca14
90 Brilliant Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel ~ 6 Total$0$3reflections2
91 Buffalo Nickel ~ 14 Total$0$12gooddeal3
92 Old Jefferson Nickel ~ 14 Total$0$3Kmynt3
93 Wheat Penny ~ 20 Total$0$9Rebecca16
94 Lot of 9 NBA Cards in Protective Sleeve$0$0No Bids0
95 Uncirculated Bureau of the Mint ~ Mint Set$0$7chuckleenutz5
96 GE Lighting Industrial System ~ Two Units $0$0No Bids0
97 Midwest Fastener Corporation Tool Parts Container With Klein Tools Cloth Round Bucket$0$4kimmisue2
98 Interesting Assortment of Vintage Radio Equipment $0$0No Bids0
99 Vintage Teletype Machine $0$0No Bids0
100 Vintage Interesting Radio Equipment~ May Be Military $0$0No Bids0
101 Vintage Radio Tubes In Tin Box $0$0No Bids0
102 Vintage Radios and Transmitters Equipment$0$0No Bids0
103 Vintage Radio Equipment Pieces In Cigar Boxes $0$0No Bids0
104 Large Bucket of Vintage Radio Tubes$0$0No Bids0
105 Vintage Glass and Bottle Lot~ Sea World ~ Milk of Magnesia ~ Tang $0$0No Bids0
106 Lot of 3 Ladies Hats $0$1bubblegum1
107 Vintage Color Slides and Movie Films $0$2Casino2
108 Jewelry Box Lot $0$6Lilmitzi4
109 Large Holmes Heater $0$5Shannon3
110 Emerson Toaster Oven$0$17mew6736
111 Proctor Silex Microwave $0$7joeking4
112 Kenmore Progressive 335 Humidifier $0$1casey771
113 The Joe Namath Hamilton Beach Butter-Up Self Buttering Corn Popper$0$0No Bids0
114 Beautiful Oil on Canvas Water Framed Painting$0$2Rita702
115 Christmas Santa Lot $0$2bben1393
116 Vintage Aladdin Care Bear Cousins 1985 Tin Lunchbox With Thermos $0$1vanilaise441
117 Vintage Thermos Peanuts 1965 Tin Lunchbox With Thermos$0$14joeking5
118 Vintage Thermos Peanuts 1965 Tin Lunchbox With Different Thermos$0$11Gypsythreads2
119 V-Tech Cordless Phones$0$2reflections2
120 Vintage Kitchen Utility Lot ~ Enamel Pots and Pans ~ Corning Ware ~ Cookbooks and More$0$2Kimnkeith2012
121 Intricate Figure Lot ~ Royal Heritage ~ Librairie Mariale Light ~ Spinning Globe and More $0$4trace812
122 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pennant Clock$0$5Gypsythreads2
123 Ceramic Black Stalion Horse Decoration $0$1sthp201
124 Large Lot of Japan Made Dishes $0$2sunshine622
125 Unique Figure Lot ~ Heavenly Angel Hummel ~ Carnival Glass Dish~ Made In Italy Flower Decorations $0$7zebbie3
126 H.P. Co. Oven Proof Brown Glaze Bowls and Dishes ~ Some McCoy$0$1Krho11
127 Collection of Pyrex and Corning Ware Pans ~ 11 Total$0$17kaylavalila7
128 Exquisite Lot of Tea Cups and Saucers $0$1achampagne1
129 Vintage Starter Notre Dame 1/2 Zip Jacket $0$10Gypsythreads3
130 Leather Professional Leather Jacket $0$6aneweglander3
131 Brand New Phase 2 3XL Leather Jacket $0$29warren76210
132 Small Black Rolling Computer Chair$0$0No Bids0
133 Huge Lot of Vinyl Records Lot 2 of 2 ~ Kitty Wells ~ John Denver$0$13kimmisue3
134 Huge Lot of Vinyl Records Lot 1 of 2 ~ Sunshine ~ Themes from Star Wars $0$1kimmisue1
135 Large Collection of 45's $0$3kimmisue2
136 A Vintage Collection of Sheet Music $0$1Beach1
137 Vintage Assorted Lot ~ Life Magazines~ Crystal Dishes~ State Quarters Lunchbox and More$0$1kedwarda1
138 Huge Variety of Clear Glass ~ Crystal ~ Lead Crystal~ Pressed Glass and More $0$0No Bids0
139 Large Milk Crate and Plastic Bin Lot $0$3trace812
140 Strawberry Shortcake Huffy Girls Bike$0$1holly07081
141 Girls GT Little Timber Mountain Bike $0$2chuckleenutz2
142 Oreck XL Vacuum With Attachments and Vacuum Cleaner Bags $0$1tlavalley1
143 Replacement Utility Lot ~ Window ~ Patio Door ~ Cabinet Locks and Much More $0$0No Bids0
144 Brand New Lot of 18 GE Biax S 5 Watt Light Bulbs$0$1jcorbett19901
145 Umbrella Wicker Basket With Multiple Umbrellas $0$6ABARRY2
146 Art Posters for Museum Showings, New Yorker Addams Family, Portrait Photographer Karsh and Others ~ WOW ~$0$4Mglcollector3
147 Vintage "Little Lady" Metal Stamped Electric Stove ~$0$5CreativeRewo3
148 Emerson Research Micro Audio System in Box ~$0$4kedwarda2
149 US Army Engineers Geographical/Topographical Maps of New England Area ~ Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, 35 Maps in All ~$0$23Gypsythreads4
150 Vintage Clear Glass Heisey Footed Candy Dish ~$0$1dbgood19571
151 2 Pieces of Vintage Plaster Art ~ The Sea Gull Sailing Ship and A Friendly Calling ~$0$0No Bids0
152 Lovely China, Glass and Other Collections of Cups, Bowls, Plates, Collectibles and Glassware ~ Take What you Want, Leave What You Don't ~$0$2chick2
153 Small Round Solid Maple Table with Tapered Legs, Mid Century Modern Design ~$0$4Gypsythreads2
154 Small Round Solid Maple Table with Tapered Legs, Mid Century Modern Design ~ $0$1Gypsythreads1
155 Fortecrisa Mexico Cobalt Blue Dish Set With Corning Ware Pans$0$9ML84834
156 Brand New Boston Bruins TY Beanie Ballz$0$7Phloid3
157 Early 1900s Copyright Books from the Christian Science Church and Founder Mary Baker Eddy ~$0$2Casino2
158 Eureka Upright Vacuum Cleaner ~$0$4audino3
159 Green Metal TruTemper Wheelbarrow with 4 Snow Shovels ~$0$13ML84837
160 Shop-Vac 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac with Hose ~$0$3ML84833
161 5 Cases Polar Beverages Diet Cola Sealed in Case Trays ~ 120 Cans ~$0$7joeking5
162 Husky Power Washer with 3 Hose Attachments ~$0$37luvbruce10
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