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Thank you for bidding, all items to be picked up within 7 days of winning ~ NO EXCEPTIONS ~ Always PREVIEW!!! BRING your own MUSCLE for heavy items, help not available ~ Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 12:00 PM. You have 4 days, 6 hours and 54 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Awesome Double Sided German CF-Telefon Sign ~ Comes With Instructions $0$35hockey09099
2 Vintage Brand New Star Wars Action Figures ~ Han Solo ~ Stormtrooper ~ Boba Felt and More $0$45carols78910
3 Incredible Boston Red Sox Players 24KT Gold Plated U.S. State Quarters and Original 1950's Ted's Root Beer Cap Displayed In Shadow Box $0$27Skip228
4 Brute By Briggs and Stratton 15 Gal 125 PSI 2.5 HP Air Compressor $0$81warren76213
5 Gorgeous Bamboo Style Glass Top Patio Table With Two Chairs $0$37Gypsythreads8
6 Stunning Antique Green Dresser$0$25Gypsythreads4
7 Retro Style Baby Blue Sofa $0$0No Bids0
8 Interesting Butler's Cart ~ Could Be Used As A Tea Cart $0$10BUTCHIE5
9 Exquisite Antique Marble Topped Sink and Cabinet ~ Worth Coming Down To Look At $0$21FRenaissance8
10 Vintage Porcelain Pedestal Sink With Vintage Knobs ~ Worth Coming Down To Look At $0$16FRenaissance5
11 Round Pedestal Table With Fold Up Sides $0$1MentalNinja1
12 Solid Wood Set Of Four TV Trays With Rack $0$16inkman5
13 Petite Two Tiered End Table $0$0No Bids0
14 Blonde Wicker End/ Coffee Table $0$1CreativeRewo1
15 Stunning Child's Sitting Chair$0$6trace813
16 Beautiful Solid Wood Shelving Unit $0$2trace812
17 Solid Wood Entertainment Center ~ Could Be Used For Office Shelving$0$4nallard744
18 Vintage Jute Rope Woven Footstool Bench $0$12Bruinsfan205
19 Brand New Bathroom Medicine Cabinet $0$1ursillyrabbi2
20 Three Solid Wood Bar Stools With Padded Cushions $0$18Irishrover4
21 Beautiful Vintage Large Wooden Sitting Chair $0$1Tinycat11
22 Vintage Foldable Wooden High Chair $0$0No Bids0
23 Czechoslovakia Machete $0$6cousy13
24 Vintage Small Union Pacific Railroad Tin Sign $0$12kedwarda5
25 Exquisite Glass Starfish and Jellyfish Paper Weight With Conch Shell$0$19Avenger25
26 Beats By Dr. Dre Mini Beatbox HD Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker $0$21shawn7
27 Brookstone Slim Profile CD Stereo System $0$21summerspecia7
28 Crate GX15 Guitar AMP $0$6Califbound3
29 Oakley Oil Rig Jet Black Sunglasses With Hard Case$0$36angiebrit0212
30 Brand New Warrior Unchained by iHip Blue Tooth Headphones $0$10Irishrover7
31 Vintage Wind-Up Clown Toy By Mikuni Made In Japan$0$6angiebrit023
32 Lot Of Seven Models ~ Six Brand New Military Models ~ Titanic Model $0$25veteran10
33 Lot Of Six Brand New Military Models $0$30veteran8
34 Pin Up Ladies Coffee Table Books $0$4Grimnir31153
35 Fabulous Stack Of Anime Art By Desaree Bradshaw$0$1BellasMem1
36 Huge Stack Of Comic Books Lot 1 of 2 ~ Mantra ~ Daredevil $0$7veteran3
37 Huge Stack Of Comic Books Lot 2 of 2 ~ Jurassic Park ~ Tomb Raider $0$8veteran3
38 Awesome Star Trek Comic Book Cover Tin Sign$0$6hockey09093
39 Vintage Fisher Price Toys Movie Viewer With Original Box And Movies $0$20Kimnkeith2017
40 Nintendo Game Boy Color Games ~ Tony Hawk ~ Pokemon Pinball $0$16warren7625
41 NHL Jersey Card Lot ~ Vincent LaCavallier ~ Henrik Zetterburg and More $0$0No Bids0
42 Borden 1993 Major League Baseball Miniature Cards Of Cracker Jack Ball Players$0$4Kimnkeith2012
43 1980 Topps Large Baseball Player Picture Cards $0$2sweetbucks2
44 Box Full Of Vintage Baseball Cards$0$45sweetbucks18
45 Franciscan Earthenware Apple Dishes ~ 14 Pieces Total$0$12dfanning2
46 Franciscan Earthenware Apple 24 Piece Collection $0$4Bruinsfan203
47 Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Star Fish In Display Case $0$7Rini74643
48 Vintage Tootsie Toy Cadillac Metal Car $0$1joe991
49 Vintage Tonka Trucks $0$11angiebrit024
50 Antique Illustrations Of Lying In All It's Branches By Amelia Opie 1828 Book$0$6Lilmitzi3
51 Vintage The Secret Of The Old Mill and The Jungle Book Books $0$6dianasteve2
52 Trillion Cut Green Amethyst & Diamond Pendant & Earring Set in Sterling Silver ~ Retails $340$0$10ursillyrabbi5
53 Stackable Emerald and White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver Size 7 ~ Retails $360$0$18trace815
54 Heart Shaped 3 Stone Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver Size 8 ~ Retails $312$0$11Kimnkeith2013
55 Baby Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamond Earring & Pendant Set in Sterling Silver ~ Retails $240$0$6Adele4
56 Fiery Azotic Topaz Gemstones Earrings ~ Retail $192$0$5BellasMem3
57 Genuine Tanzanite Gemstones Size 7 Ring ~ Retails $264$0$16bigmikeh3
58 Tanzanite and Fire Opal Bypass Ring in Sterling Silver Size 7 ~ Retails $240$0$22hockey09098
59 Scarce Barr Nit in Crisp Uncirculated Condition $0$2zeekybaby22
60 Rare Series of 1928 $2 Note $0$6Jfan345
61 Rare 1935 Series Old Silver Certificate $0$14chuckleenutz9
62 Old Mexican Silver Dollar Minted From Silver$0$12printmakor5
63 Rare Silver 1914 Barber Dime $0$2shawn2
64 Westward Journey Nickel Series $0$1rchevarie1
65 Rare Silver 1943 Mercury Dime $0$2shawn2
66 Civil War (1861-1865) Indian Head Cent $0$2rchevarie2
67 Brilliant Uncirculated Old Lincoln Cent ~ 8 Total$0$1ursillyrabbi1
68 Brilliant Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel ~ 6 Total$0$2rchevarie2
69 United States Eisenhower Dollar 1971-1978$0$2rchevarie2
70 1909 VDB Lincoln Head Cent $0$11chuckleenutz6
71 Dianne Dengel Little Boy Dressed As Clown Framed Print$0$0No Bids0
72 Vintage The Days Of Old Framed Print$0$0No Bids0
73 Heineken Mirror With New Jose Cuervo Blow Up$0$1Grimnir31151
74 Intriguing Framed Front Door Floral Print ~ Signed By An Artist $0$1Xodusworld771
75 Seagrams V.O. Football Score On Taste Mirror$0$0No Bids0
76 Sloppy Joe's Bar, Key West Print Signed By Kennedy $0$1bben1391
77 Pepsi Wall Clock $0$8Irishrover3
78 Verichron Quartz Westminster Chime Clock ~ Horse Graphics $0$1murdock1
79 Vintage Westclox Big Ben Clock $0$6MentalNinja3
80 Mixture Of Stunning White With Blue Trim Dishes, Tea Cups/Saucers, Plates, Bowls, and Napkins$0$1chick1
81 Pampered Chef Mini Fluted Pan With Pastry Cutter ~ Appears To Be New $0$9sweatpea6
82 Souvenir Of Maine Acadia National Park Centennial Coin $0$1Califbound1
83 Stunning Jewelry Lot ~ Bracelet ~ Broaches and More $0$1bben1391
84 Vintage Belt Buckle, Greek Epmhe Shoe Helper, and Silver Plated Silverware $0$0No Bids0
85 Authentic Indian Flint Handtool$0$16Short36926
86 Vintage Cap Gun With Toy Gun$0$1Rini74641
87 Vintage Book Lot ~ Richie Rich Comic Book ~ American View ~ Popular Mechanics and More $0$0No Bids0
88 Incredible Porcelain Like Halloween Houses ~ Can Be Lit Up $0$3hockey09092
89 Vintage Kueffel & Esser Co. Slide Ruler In Leather Like Case $0$3skier3
90 Small Intricate Wooden Chest Box $0$5Teres4
91 Vintage Pickle Container ~ Has Fork and Grabber $0$11cousy14
92 Brand New Delton Fire Collectible Tea Set ~ Ballerina Themed Set $0$6reflections4
93 Sony Hi-Fi Stereo Flash Rewind/ 19 Micron Head/ Auto Clock Set VCR $0$1redneckmb1
94 Vintage Children's Toy Lot ~ Squeakers ~ Rattles and More $0$2Patriots20142
95 Vintage Doll Lot With Paper Dolls $0$0No Bids0
96 Montefiori Collection Wolf Statue With Howling Wolf Statue $0$6Rockinkim4
97 Beautiful Collection Of Trinkets, Oil Lamps, Oriental Paper Fan, Vintage Office Supplies and More $0$0No Bids0
98 Large Collection Of Vintage Electric Candle Sticks$0$0No Bids0
99 Beautiful Vintage Yellow/Red Vase, Lucky Strike Cigarettes Box, and Ashtrays $0$1bondjames9821
100 NHL Hockey Lot. ~ Hockey Signs ~ Brand New Hockey Cards ~ Team Pictures and More $0$0No Bids0
101 Four Disney Mother's Day Collector Plates ~ 101 Dalmatians ~ Bambi$0$0No Bids0
102 Amazing Heavy Duty Coca-Cola Glasses ~ Light Purple and Green In Colors $0$2kedwarda3
103 Stunning Crystal and Pressed Glass Lot $0$0No Bids0
104 Hard Rock Cafe and Harley Davidson Glass and Mug Lot $0$2chuckleenutz2
105 Emerald Green Kitchen Glasses and Coffee Mugs $0$0No Bids0
106 Enormous Lot Of Wine Glasses, Irish Coffee Glasses, Margarita Glasses, and More $0$0No Bids0
107 Exquisite Glass Lot ~ Starfish Candy Dish ~ Jet Black Vases and Jars ~ Mushroom Pitcher $0$0No Bids0
108 Gorgeous Mayfair Pink Depression Glass Canister Dish With Cube Cubist Pink Depression Sugar Dish$0$6lucky3
109 Vintage Bottle and Figure Lot ~ Coronet Beverages ~ Strawberry Paper Weight ~ Occupied Japan Clown Figure$0$0No Bids0
110 Coca-Cola Glass Bottles, Drinking Glasses, Coasters, and More $0$0No Bids0
111 Basket Filled With Fine Porcelain By Northridgen China $0$0No Bids0
112 Nantucket Blueberry and Apple Pie Plates $0$5Shannon3
113 Unique Decorative Glass Lot ~ Swag Glass ~ Decanters ~ Vases ~ Swan Dish and More $0$4Beach2
114 Beautiful Table Decor ~ Avon Glassware ~ Table Runner ~ Crystal Like Bowl and More $0$0No Bids0
115 Amazing Ocean Themed Lot ~ Sailor Mug ~ Anchor Paper Weight~ Tin Sign and More $0$1bubbabarb131
116 Vintage Pair Of NH 39-40 License Plates $0$12MentalNinja4
117 Vintage Hockey Goalie Pads, Jofa Helmet, Everlast Gloves, and Jump Rope$0$0No Bids0
118 Adorable Mother Goose Cookie Jar $0$5pjpollywog3
119 RCA and Bell Howell Portable Radios$0$0No Bids0
120 Brand New 7 Piece Acacia Wooden Salad Set With A Beautiful Wooden Bowl$0$2MentalNinja2
121 Costume Jewelry Pearl Necklaces $0$4bben1394
122 Animal Figure Lot ~ Cat ~ Elephant ~ Bunny and More $0$2Adele2
123 Stunning Made in Italy Tray With Green Floral Vase and Germany 1814 Stein$0$1plclev1
124 Mitutoyo Metric Micrometer Tool In Case ~ 50-75 mm or 0.01 mm$0$5jimbo572
125 Mitutoyo Metric Micrometer Tool In Case ~ 20-50 mm or 0.01 mm$0$6jimbo572
126 Amazing Sports Collectible Lot ~ Pedro Martinez Wheaties Box~ Dale Earnhardt Collectibles and More$0$1ursillyrabbi1
127 Collection Of Figures ~ Made In Italy Flowers ~ Roma Hands ~ Religious Statue and More $0$1Rockinkim1
128 Interesting Collectibles Of Vintage Bottle Openers, Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle, Mini Coffee Cup and More $0$0No Bids0
129 Pair Of Stanley Thermoses ~ Great Condition $0$3cousy12
130 Dura Flame Heater With Instructions And Remote ~ Retails for $200$0$17warren7624
131 Weber Portable Grill $0$4Teres2
132 Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Pot Maker ~ Appears To Be New $0$0No Bids0
133 G.E. Electric Skillet, G.E. Travel Spray Iron, and Sewing Machine Button Holder $0$0No Bids0
134 Huge Selection of Cassette Tapes ~ Beethoven ~ Mozart $0$1Grimnir31151
135 Vintage Yictory Jacket ~ Size Medium $0$1kedwarda1
136 Vintage Exercise Bike Machine $0$0No Bids0
137 Peterboro Wicker Basket, Wicker Box Purse, and Wooden Basket Decoration $0$2Rini74642
138 Brand New NuTone Sea Island Paddle Fan $0$1cousy11
139 Four Brand New The MF Louver All Aluminum Screened Boxes ~ One Dozen In Each Box $0$7Casino3
140 Small Red Hand Cart With Office Metal Filing Stations $0$2hey_teach2
141 Brand New Outdoor Post Lamp Light $0$16murdock6
142 Two Lithonia Lighting 4" White Square LED Kits $0$6hockey09095
143 Plastic Storage Bin Lot $0$0No Bids0
144 Fishing Poles, Fishing Vest, and Fishing Gear Lot $0$6gunga19452
145 Intriguing Board Game Lot ~ Pokemon Master Trainer ~ Harry Potter Trivia and Puzzle and More $0$2reflections2
146 Children's Puzzle Lot of Eight ~ Fisher Price ~ Ravensburger $0$1summerspecia1
147 Great Selection of Board Games ~ Some Brand New ~ King Of The Hill ~ Lego Creationary and More $0$7Grimnir31154
148 Vintage IBM Time Clock With Paymaster and Instructions $0$0No Bids0
149 Chapin Compressed Air Sprayer $0$0No Bids0
150 Custom Made Saw Table With Craftsman Motor $0$1bondjames9821
151 Huge Strap Hinges Brackets ~ 5 Total$0$7kedwarda4
152 B & D Electric Drill with Basket Full of Screws & Hardware$0$1MUCKLER1
153 Great Lot of Vintage Tools ~ Clamps ~ Clippers ~ Weights $0$0No Bids0
154 Vintage Tool Lot ~ Hand Saws ~ Levels $0$14Casino4
155 Vintage Bells, Horseshoes, Measuring Tools and More $0$5skeezit3
156 Vintage Hand Tools, Drills, Clamps and More $0$1cousy11
157 Baby George Foreman Rotisserie $0$0No Bids0
158 H.P. Co. Oven Proof Brown Glaze Bowls and Dishes ~ Some McCoy$0$10angiebrit025
159 Lot of Four Stands ~ Great Display Stands$0$0No Bids0
160 Wall Hanging Shelves $0$1nallard741
161 Large Wooden Display Case$0$0No Bids0
162 Set of 4 Matching Patio Cushions $0$16warren7625
163 Huge Lot of Silverware and Silverware Holders$0$4cousy12
164 Small Black Metal File Cabinet $0$7Homestead4
165 Composite Material Microwave Cart $0$0No Bids0
166 Large Closet ~ Could Be Used As A Bookshelf $0$11Grimnir31155
167 Vintage Blue Bee 3 Gallon Picnic Jug $0$4Homestead2
168 Kids Craft Idea Books $0$1bubbabarb131
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