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Next Live Auction is Friday Night November 7th at 7.00. Antique and Unique Items. Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM. You have 4 days, 9 hours and 0 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Gorgeous HUGE Pie Safe ~$0$176kimmisue12
2 Exquisite Claw Foot 3 Tier Hand Carved Pie Table ~$0$28antiques8
3 Simply Stunning Glass Double Door Bookshelf with Beadboard Backing ~$0$111Merry10
4 Gorgeous Maple Dining Table with 6 Chairs ~$0$514eyes6
5 Cochrane Furniture Co. Display Hutch in Solid Maple ~$0$23bogie543216
6 Refinished Antique Table in Patriotic American Flag ~$0$16heyjoycie7
7 Singer Sewing Cast Base with Wide Pine Board Top ~$0$10heyjoycie4
8 Karastan Carpet in Tabriz Design ~ 8.8'x12' ~$0$83suehpa8
9 Self Powering Grinding Wheel ~$0$6sunshine623
10 Stenciled Wood Vintage Blanket Chest ~ $0$20mikewithsfi4
11 Old Wood Screen Door ~ Hear that old wood slap from days gone by........again! ~$0$9chick4
12 Antique Daguerreotype Photograph in Carved Wood Case ~ Subjest is Old Woman ~ $0$9mikey4
13 Antique Daguerreotype Photograph in Carved Wood Case ~ Subject is a Family Portrait with Mom, Dad and Son ~$0$7mikey3
14 Antique Daguerreotype Photograph in Carved Wood Case ~ Subject is a Landscape Scene ~ $0$11lamontee4
15 Antique Daguerreotype Photograph in Carved Wood Case ~ Subject is 2 Women in an Early Automobile ~$0$41Bigjoemoxie9
16 Stunning Black Lacquer Oriental Wall Mirror with Mother of Pearl Appliqué ~$0$4Kpstl22
17 Black Lacquer Oriental Wall Hanging Panels with Mother of Pearl Appliqué ~$0$4oldstuff2
18 Round Oriental Design Wall Hanging with Mother of Pearl Appliqué ~$0$9gogojuice3
19 Youth Oak Wood Chair ~ $0$9zelspal153
20 Small Wood Stenciled Plant Table ~ $0$1navywife1
21 Beautiful Wood Rocking Chair ~ $0$1scrappylilly1
22 Round Maple Occasional Table ~ $0$5Abby282
23 Eastlake Side Table ~ $0$13bogie543214
24 Beautiful Vintage Set of 4 Ladderback Chairs with Rush Seats ~ $0$12lamontee3
25 Round Formica Top Coffee Table ~$0$1navywife1
26 Old Red Chest ~$0$14rlspirit7
27 Old Wood Dark Finish Chest ~$0$5lamontee4
28 Pair of Solid Maple Magazine Racks ~$0$0No Bids0
29 64" Tall Coat Rack on 4 Sturdy Legs ~$0$8lamontee4
30 Medium Tone Coat Rack with 4 Matching Brass Hooks ~$0$6docbones50093
31 Pair of Antique Glass Oil Lamps ~ $0$4zelspal152
32 Wood Slat Basket ~ $0$1Scooby1
33 6 Cases of 45 RPM Records ~$0$16printmakor5
34 Blue, Red, Pink and Amethyst Glass with 2 Porcelain Vases ~ $0$6Short36923
35 Everhot Vintage Food Warmer ~ 1920s vintage ~$0$0No Bids0
36 Folk Art Early Mickey Mouse Ashtray Butler ~ Rare and Unique.$0$11Tooch4
37 Kodak Instamatic M67 Movie Projector with Tin Box of Film Rolls in Cases ~ $0$6Bullockstone2
38 Painted Farm Animal 8 Foot Panel ~ Horse, Pig, Bull and Bunny ~ $0$9scrappylilly7
39 Painted Farm Animals 8 Foot Panel ~ Goat, Cow, Sheep and Chickens ~$0$9scrappylilly4
40 Painted Vegetable 8 Foot Display Panel ~ $0$4Tooch3
41 Wood Scoop with Copper Lifting Lid ~ $0$7ellemae5
42 Old Wood Stool ~ $0$1michaela1
43 Large Slat Style Wood Crate ~ $0$1navywife1
44 Collection of 3 fuel pumps and 2 Carburetors ~ Off of Antique cars or motors. $0$0No Bids0
45 Vintage "Cari-Car" Log Carrier by Swan Hill ~$0$19sunshine628
46 Large White Enameled Bowl with Black Trimming ~$0$1palms1
47 Large Copper Bowl, Looks to be a Mixer Bowl with Mounting Holes and Drain Plug ~$0$1cosmicmuffin1
48 Marx Toys Ride On Firetruck ~ $0$28oldstuff5
49 #8 Crown Pottery Crock ~$0$36palms7
50 Meteor Table Lamp in Oriental Design, Handpainted on Brass ~ $0$11Bebe722552
51 1950s Marx Lightning Express 3000 Ride on Toy Train ~$0$31oldstuff4
52 Beautifully Crafted Wood Ship in Shadow Box ~ $0$7bogie543212
53 Steam Roller Metal Scale Model ~$0$23gogojuice6
54 Kingsbury Toy Co. Keene, NH Steam Engine ~ $0$11oldstuff3
55 Lustre Ware Bread Box, Stock No. B-20 ~$0$12rlspirit6
56 Cast Iron I-Beam Dolly ~$0$31ashby18034
57 1854 Special Notice Framed in Old Frame with Wood Backing ~ $0$4xtreem993
58 2 Cast Iron Bowls with Hanging Handles, Largest is Marked Griswold ~$0$2sunshine622
59 Fantastic Hotpoint Vintage Toaster ~$0$5bcwalk4
60 7 Trays of Kodachrome Slides ~$0$4Bullockstone2
61 Vintage Bar Stool ~$0$1The2DCs1
62 F.C. Co Soup Tureen ~$0$1frosty20131
63 Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy, 1937 9th Ed. ~ Modern Medical Counselor, 1943 ~ $0$1lucky1
64 Automobile Green Book (ALA) Volume 1, 1927 ~ The Letters of Archie Butt, Personal Aide to President Roosevelt, 1924 ~ $0$2CrazyWillie2
65 Fantastic Collection of Art, Costume Making and Entertainment (Silent Film and Theatre) Hardcover Books ~ 8 books in all ~$0$1lucky1
66 Avon Images of Hollywood Figurines " Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler" and a Japanese Small Planter with a Fancy Couple ~$0$1pippi1
67 Vintage Bicycle Parts ~ $0$3Snowy2
68 Electro Pointer 1930s Electric Desktop Pencil Sharpener ~ $0$0No Bids0
69 Great Old Wood Mortar and Pestle ~$0$11lamontee5
70 English, Czechoslovakian and Homer Laughlin Collection of Creamers ~ 8 in all ~$0$10pjpollywog4
71 Galvanized Watering Can with Screw on Small Holed Cap for Watering ~ $0$5omerinemarie3
72 Vintage Yellow and Red Blended Japanese Glasses ~ $0$2Bella5192
73 Antique Oil Lamps in Matching Pattern ~$0$7zelspal152
74 Vintage Graters ~$0$1jbelle1
75 Old Bucket Ice Cream Churn ~$0$2boxermom2
76 Dotty Dimple Framed Chromo-Lithograph by H W Dubois Boston & Co. of Boston dated 1869. ~ $0$15lamontee5
77 2 Quart Pitchers, One is Marked ~ $0$3stilletto2
78 Green Cast Floor Lamp with Claw Feet and Gorgeous Ivory Glass Shade ~$0$17zelspal157
79 International Royal China White Wash Pitcher with a WH Crindley & Co England Wash Basin in White with Pink and Blue ~$0$1wiley1
80 Great Vintage Automotive Ephemera and Champion Spark Plug Box ~ $0$1bears601
81 Imperial Self Heating Sad/Flat Iron ~ $0$6oldstuff2
82 Round Copper Tray with Copper Kettle, Bowl and Candle Holder ~ $0$1sunshine621
83 Revere Metal Ware NY Copper Tray with Brass Pretzel Handles ~$0$1omerinemarie1
84 Wicker Baby Carriage ~ $0$124eyes4
85 Antique Dark Finish Wall Mirror ~ $0$12lamontee5
86 Small Wood Bucket ~$0$2Abby282
87 Very Old Golf Bag with 3 Drivers (2 Woods and 1 Metal Shaft) and 4 Irons ~ $0$1palms1
88 Old Copper Bowl with Lid ~$0$1sunshine621
89 Vintage White Arvin Radio ~$0$1xtreem991
90 Old Copper Double Boiler Pot ~$0$1palms1
91 Stunning Large White Peacock and Cockatoo Print in Dark Frame ~$0$20redcardinal8
92 Vintage Arvin Radio ~$0$6xtreem994
93 Teal Painted Yoke ~ $0$1palms1
94 Beautiful Victorian Ladies Textured Print in Gold Frame ~$0$1auntree61
95 Dress Maker's Form on Stand ~$0$16xtreem993
96 Very nice globe Union Roller skates no. 63 ~$0$0No Bids0
97 Fantastic Old Fashion Rug Beater ~ $0$2redcardinal2
98 Nice Large Wall Mirror with Gold Frame and Beveled Glass ~$0$1zelspal151
99 Wonderful Assortment of Advertising Cards ~ Clover Medicine Co, Colognes, Railroad and other products ~$0$3chick2
100 Fantastic Antique Photos and Portraits ~$0$6Scooby3
101 Vintage Kitchen Gadgets ~ $0$1palms1
102 RCA Victor Mascot Bank ~$0$11oldstuff6
103 "Adlake" Red Glass Railroad Lantern ~$0$23The2DCs7
104 Nice Large Brass School Bell ~$0$9regal5
105 French Broad River Decoy Co. Duck Model ~$0$6poorpeter14
106 Antique Mantle Clock ~$0$12gogojuice5
107 Russian Nesting Dolls ~$0$4bogie543213
108 Fantastic Antique Post Card Collections in Envelopes ~$0$11xtreem994
109 Awesome Antique Easter Greetings Post Card Collection ~$0$11xtreem995
110 Seafood Shack Large Hanging Sign ~$0$13palms6
111 Fantastic "Saloon" Wall Mirror ~$0$16palms5
112 Large Wood Durkin Bucket with Lid ~$0$9Abby285
113 Beautiful Turquoise and Dark Silver Tone Cameo Pendant with Matching Chain ~ Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$4Kpstl23
114 Trio of Glamorous Fashion Necklaces ~ All Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$4Shannon2
115 Crystal Assortment of Costume Jewelry ~ Rings, Earrings and Necklaces, All Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$1kedwarda1
116 Gold Tone Cubic Zirconia Earrings ~ Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$2gessr392
117 4 Gift Boxes of Bangle and Cuff Style Bracelets ~$0$3kedwarda2
118 Silver Toned Cubic Zirconia Earrings ~ Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$3sdesires3
119 Crystal Snake Pendant on Brushed Nickel Color Chain in Box ~ Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$6allgood3
120 Antique Gold Toned Owl Necklace ~ Crystal Turtle and Jaguar Stretch Rings ~ All Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$4bourque2
121 Intriguing Feather Pendant with Turquoise Bead and Dark Silver Tone Chain ~ Brand New, Never Worn ~$0$4summerspecia4
122 Steel and Galvanized Aluminum Scoopers ~ $0$1palms1
123 Clear Glass Dishes, Bowls, Vases and Stemware with a Miniature Oil Lamp ~ $0$2wiley2
124 Christmas, Birthday and Other Holiday Themed Post Cards ~$0$9xtreem993
125 Perfection Heater #730 with Round Base ~ $0$2wess4602
126 Unmarked Covered Crock ~$0$2boxermom2
127 Scott Atwater Outboard Motor with Stand ~ $0$14gogojuice5
128 Pair of Old Claw and Clear Glass Balls ~$0$3jbelle2
129 Vintage Turner Blow Torch ~ $0$1kedwarda1
130 Awesome Collection of Vintage Advertising Tins ~ $0$1kedwarda1
131 The "Perfecscope" Viewer ~ $0$3xtreem993
132 Perfection Heater #525 on Legs ~ $0$2wess4602
133 Assorted Styles of Massachusetts License Plates ~$0$17bigdan7
134 Old Metal Tractor Seat ~ $0$13The2DCs5
135 Hood Co. Boston, Mass Wood Crate with a Fitchburg Bottle Crate ~ $0$10oldstuff4
136 Old Fashion Wood Snow Shovel ~$0$1sunshine621
137 Vintage Straight Edge Shovel with Old Wood Handle ~ $0$0No Bids0
138 Antique Piano Bench with Checkered Wool Seat Cover ~$0$1CBEAR161
139 Metal Fuel Tank with Gauge ~ The word Empty is spelled wrong, it reads EMTY-1/4-1/2-3/4-FULL ~ $0$1kedwarda1
140 Vintage Lawn Sprinkler ~ Rain King Model D ~ $0$2bigdan2
141 Old Wood Mallet and Round Head Tool ~ $0$11BarbaraK3
142 Homestead Blair Push Mower ~$0$1gessr391
143 Old Fashion Odometer/Gauge? ~$0$5oldstuff3
144 Pair of Green and White Enameled Hanging Light Shades ~$0$6sunshine623
145 Hand Crank with Multiple Gears ~$0$4mikewithsfi4
146 Great Vintage Tool Collection ~$0$17tk4217
147 Assorted Old Wrenches and Pliers ~$0$2wess4602
148 4 Very Old Bicycle Tire Pumps ~$0$0No Bids0
149 Vintage Brookins Oil Drip Pan ~ $0$1sunshine621
150 3 Small Fire Extinguishers ~ $0$1Medic1
151 Pair of Wood and Steel Old Pulleys ~$0$7Lucky645
152 Vintage Basket and Citrus Box Collection ~ 6 in All ~$0$11bears604
153 Heavy Duty Hand Crank Grinding Wheel ~$0$4mikewithsfi3
154 Vintage Automobile Creeper ~ $0$4ABARRY3
155 Rose Dish Set ~ Just marked Japan ~ $0$0No Bids0
156 Old Wood Tool Box with Heavy Duty Tools ~ $0$1kedwarda1
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