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Thank you for bidding, all items to be picked up within 7 days of winning ~ NO EXCEPTIONS ~ Always PREVIEW!!! BRING your own MUSCLE for heavy items, help not available ~ Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, July 2, 2016 at 12:00 PM. You have 1 days, 15 hours and 17 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Large 1 Piece Conference Table with 9 Chairs ~$0$5admin3
2 BOSE Wave Music System with Remote - $0$180chuckleenutz16
3 Matching Dresser with Mirror ~$0$5palms2
4 Matching Side Table to Dresser and Chest ~$0$22carnation6
5 3 Up, 2 Down Chest ~$0$16shyla19963
6 Cherry/Mahogany Finish Desk ~$0$12capt10143
7 Colonial Style Mirror in Cherry/Mahogany Finish ~$0$1mgs_bp1
8 Upholstered Bench ~$0$12halinajay4
9 Cherry/Mahogany Finish Desk ~ 3 Drawers ~$0$4carnation2
10 T. Winslow Signed Ocean Oil Painting on Canvas in Wood Frame with Linen Border ~$0$8joe993
11 Riverside 2 Drawer End Table Painted Taupe ~ 1 of 3 ~$0$8shell323713
12 Riverside 2 Drawer End Table Painted Taupe ~ 2 of 3 ~$0$8shell323713
13 Taupe Painted Side Table with 2 Drawers by Riverside ~ 3 of 3 ~$0$6kedwarda2
14 Cherry/Mahogany Finish Dresser with Mirror ~$0$1kedwarda1
15 Solid Wood Oval Coffee Table on Curvy Legs ~$0$4blackbird2
16 Antique Walnut Wood Table with 4 Chairs ~$0$12Rockinkim6
17 Mahogany/Cherry Finish Side Table with Polished Brass Hardware ~ 1 of 3 ~$0$8capt10143
18 Mahogany/Cherry Finish Side Table with Polished Brass Hardware ~ 2 of 3 ~$0$8capt10143
19 Mahogany/Cherry Finish Side Table with Polished Brass Hardware ~ 3 of 3 ~ $0$6kedwarda2
20 1930s Waterfall Style Vanity with Mirror in Light Finish ~$0$1Ryry171
21 1930s Waterfall Style 3 Drawer Dresser with Mirror in Light Finish ~$0$1kedwarda1
22 Blond Finish Mid Century Modern Chest of Drawers with Serpentine Front ~$0$1kedwarda1
23 Blond Finish Mid Century Modern Dresser and Mirror with Serpentine Front ~$0$1kedwarda2
24 Antique Primitive 3 Drawer Dresser ~$0$5trace813
25 Very Old Solid Wood Serving Buffet ~$0$17boxermom6
26 Crushed Velvet Wing Back Chair with Tufted Back and Seat in Mauve/Peach Color ~ 1 of 2 ~$0$8ABARRY2
27 Crushed Velvet Wing Back Chair with Tufted Back and Seat in Mauve/Peach Color ~ 2 of 2 ~$0$8ABARRY2
28 Pine Wood Corner Display Cabinet ~$0$19boxermom6
29 Mid Century Modern Side Table with Drawer Marked Heritage ~ Plank Style Top ~$0$2kedwarda2
30 Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Marked Heritage ~ Matches the Side Table ~$0$2Beach2
31 Mid Century Modern Coffee in Blond Finish with Tapered Paddle Legs ~$0$11blackbird3
32 Antique Painted Commode with Vintage Nursery Decals on Front ~$0$0No Bids0
33 Mid Century Modern Hideaway Slide Out Table ~ "Watertown Slide Co" ~$0$31kedwarda7
34 Mahogany Vintage 7 Drawer Desk with Hardware ~$0$1kedwarda1
35 4 Drawer Pine Wood Dresser ~$0$5Califbound2
36 Vintage Drop Leaf Table with 2 Maple Chairs ~$0$1Rockinkim1
37 Glass Top Patio Table with 6 Chairs & Cushions, Umbrella and Umbrella Base ~ Green ~$0$53lhalfkenny16
38 Brass Tray on Wood Stand Table ~$0$7Maxamillion3
39 Round Wood Table in Mid Century Modern Design with Tapered Paddle Legs ~$0$1trace811
40 Vintage Wood Shelf Unit with Rounded Outer Corners ~$0$6kedwarda3
41 Piano Bench with Storage ~$0$1blackbird1
42 Woven Rope Folding Bench/Stool ~$0$11MONKIESX35
43 Red & White Painted Sign Post ~$0$9lhalfkenny4
44 Fixed Shelf Bookcase ~$0$25dbgood19575
45 Panoramic Photo from July 22, 1922 of the SS Pierce Co. Annual Outing in Frame ~$0$1Califbound1
46 9 Doll Collection ~$0$1maybe1231
47 11 Doll Collection ~$0$1maybe1231
48 4 Collector's Plates ~ Tigers, Jaguar Cub and Underwater Scene ~$0$4Phloid2
49 Terone Antique Japanese Prints in Matching Frames ~$0$1toysofyester1
50 Iridescent Pink Depression Glass Stemware in 2 Sizes ~$0$16mikey5
51 GORGEOUS West Virginia Glass American Birds Pitcher and 6 Tumblers ~$0$17wiley5
52 1960s/70s Record Albums ~ Popular Bands ~ Loose 45s Including Peter Pan and Others ~$0$1blackbird1
53 Old Leather Golf Bag with Clubs and Wheeled Cart ~$0$1kedwarda1
54 Craftsman 15" Electric Weed Whacker ~$0$11sdesires4
55 Diamond Back Curaca Mountain Bike ~$0$7printmakor3
56 Nord-France Yellow Mens Bike ~$0$15blackbird5
57 Mason McDonald Ship Painting Print ~$0$1mrpagrant1
58 Weber Charcoal Grill ~$0$15Javantrece5
59 Vintage Department Store Wall Art ~ Large and in Great Shape ~$0$8Javantrece4
60 Mr. Christmas Animated Holiday Symphonium Music Box with 23 Disks ~$0$26bigdan6
61 Old Leather Bound Holy Bible with Brass Latches ~$0$21woogie4
62 Weathered Radio Super Wagon ~$0$7Califbound2
63 2 Black Table Lamps with White Bell Shades ~$0$11lellieface6
64 Collection of Assorted Carving Knives, 2 Sharpeners and 1 Bread Knife ~$0$0No Bids0
65 Wireless Splitfire Radio Control Stunt Cars ~ New in Packages ~$0$17Irishrover4
66 Antique Toddler Sled on Rails AND Wheels ~$0$12asureshot3
67 ArcticAir Portable Air Conditioning Unit ~$0$26Sue3486
68 Antique Seth Thomas Walnut Mantle Clock ~$0$5Spring804
69 Star Trek IV The Voyage Home USS Enterprise Model Kit ~$0$5Casino3
70 Framed Needlepoint Pair ~$0$1Adele1
71 Dicksons "Amazing Grace" Music Sheet with Church Print ~$0$6Rockinkim5
72 Signed 1-1/2 Quart Covered Pottery Crock ~ Decorated in Blue with a Sheep ~$0$10BellasMem5
73 4x6, 8x10 and 11x14 Frame Collection ~$0$1maybe1231
74 Shoe Shine Tin Toy with Monkey ~$0$1trace811
75 Vintage Coleman Fuel Lanterns ~$0$12gogojuice5
76 Photo Materials Paper Cutter ~ 3 Life Tracker Small & Medium Journal Books ~$0$7bubbabarb136
77 3 Vintage Jewelry Boxes ~$0$1Rockinkim1
78 Vintage Scrap Book with Old Greeting Cards Inside ~$0$1Casino1
79 John F Kennedy Momentos ~$0$4bubbabarb132
80 Large Costume Jewelry Collection ~$0$20zebbie7
81 Cast Iron Pot with Lid on 3 Legged Stand ~$0$14OliveandAndy4
82 Over 100 Golf Balls ~$0$8palms5
83 West German Cuckoo Clock ~$0$13maybe1234
84 Wood Balalaika Instrument ~$0$26joe996
85 Outdoor Tools ~$0$16wicked13
86 Awesome Hidden Bar Set in Book Library Design ~$0$29clarkeyj16
87 Vintage Electric Burroughs Adding Machine ~$0$1blackbird1
88 1847 Rogers Bros Flatware and Box ~ First Love Pattern ~$0$26Maxamillion7
89 Record Album Collection of 60s and 70s Music with Walt Disney Soundtracks ~$0$28mopants7
90 Comfort Zone Portable Heater with Electric Fireplace Front ~$0$6Shannon4
91 2 Black & Decker Electric Hedge Trimmers ~ 2 Hand Trimmers and a 2 Bow Saws ~$0$7Casino2
92 St. Martin Statue by the Columbia Statuary ~$0$1Rockinkim1
93 Normatt Model Winnebago Camper ~$0$6playitloud3
94 Fireman Collectibles ~$0$9gessr395
95 Assorted 45 Records ~$0$5dbgood19572
96 John Jameson Irish Whiskey Pub Mirror in Wood Frame ~ Clock Inset ~$0$4raypatsfan7
97 Ladies Vintage Hat Collection ~$0$7Maxamillion3
98 4 Vintage Model Kits ~ 1 is sealed ~$0$91chico8
99 Round Wall Mirror in Antique Gold Finish ~$0$9staneka8
100 Underwood Standard Typewriter No. 5 ~$0$13blackbird2
101 "Claridge" 14 pc. Punch Bowl Set with Original Box and Red Ladle ~$0$4Spring803
102 Assorted Foot Stools ~$0$1kedwarda1
103 Zenith AM/FM Weather Radio with 49" Long Antenna ~$0$4dbgood19572
104 Black & Decker Electric Yard Cleanup Blower ~$0$12summerspecia5
105 Vintage Red Emergency Light Bar ~$0$21gessr3913
106 Kenmore Window Air Conditioner Unit ~$0$6maybe1232
107 Carved Wood Chains ~$0$2Rebecca12
108 Cast Iron Kettle ~$0$5Homestead2
109 Hospital Bed Tray ~$0$6wicked13
110 Work Belt, Hard Hat and Caulking Gun ~$0$1kedwarda1
111 Oriental Style Runner Carpet ~$0$6MollyAnn2
112 Rack of Glass and Porcelain (Rack not Included) ~$0$4kedwarda2
113 HUGE Meat Ship Wall Hanging ~$0$7Becks3
114 Handmade Custom Doll Harley Davidson Biker ~ 43" Tall ~$0$4kedwarda3
115 Handmade Custom Doll Grandma in Green Outfit ~ 43" Tall ~$0$2pippi2
116 Handmade Custom Doll Hippy Gardener ~ 43" Tall ~ $0$3pippi2
117 Handmade Custom Doll Lady in Pink with Pink Hair ~ 43" Tall ~$0$4Javantrece3
118 Handmade Custom Doll Man in Flannel Shirt with Tie ~ 43" Tall ~ $0$3pippi2
119 Handmade Custom Doll Hot Momma in Purple ~ 43" Tall ~ $0$3pippi2
120 .Handmade Custom Doll Clown ~ 43" Tall ~ $0$1lellieface1
121 Handmade Custom Lady in Suit ~ 43" Tall ~ $0$1kedwarda1
122 When I am an Old Lady Sitting Doll in Chair ~ Wearing Purple with a Red Hat that Doesn't Match! Custom Hand made doll ~$0$3Rockinkim2
123 Vintage LaFrance Art Co. Framed Tapestry Sailboat with Mirror ~$0$1ellemae1
124 House of Lloyd Framed Print of Victorian Children ~ Excellent ~$0$1maybe1231
125 Very Old Framed Mirror with Tapestry Framed Top of a Tall Sailing Ship ~$0$7ellemae4
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